We are grateful to the Scouts of Lajes (group 344), of Santa Bárbara (group 630), and their respective coordinators: Hélder Nunes, Luísa Mendes, Daniela Nunes, Daniela Lima, Sónia Toste, Beatriz Cabral, João Toste, Telma Espínola, Celso Mendonça, and Gonçalo Martins. We are also thankful to the research assistants who contributed to the data collection, namely: Cláudia Garcia, Enésima Pereira, Juami Marín, and Úrsula Cuevas. We also acknowledge the contribution of Professor Paulo A. V. Borges, Director of the Azorean Biodiversity Group, Cristina Máguas, Director of the Centre of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, and Margarida Luís representing the Nature Park of Terceira Island.